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Welcome to Iron Creek Forge

I am a part time blacksmith and bladesmith specializing in knives and tomahawks. While I have various knives and hawks in my store, if you're looking for something that I currently do not have listed, please feel free to contact me explaining what you have in mind. Be it a fine mantle piece or something to carry at your next rendezvous, we can make it for you!

I use processes that are tried-and-true, and that have been proven decades over. Benjamin Franklin once said, "There never was a good knife made out of bad steel." I believe that statement is very true, thus I use the finest materials available. For example, everything offered for sale is completely hand made by me from blank stock - I do not buy anything pre-made. All my work is forged and ground by hand, allowing me to pay special attention to detail that cannot be done with mass production processes at factories. As much as possible, I acquire handmade American materials such as wood, steel and leather, thus allowing me to offer customers quality product.

I occasionally make period correct pieces for re-enactors. While I use modern day equipment for forging my knives, axes and tomahawks, if you need something to be as period correct as possible please let me know. Per your request, I can usually cut back, if not eliminate, the use of power tools. Whether you want a Confederate D-Guard Bowie or a colonial era trade axe, I can work with you to create a masterpiece!

Railroad spike knives are created from high carbon railroad spikes that I purchase brand new from a railroad supplier in Pennsylvania. I only use new spikes because the alloy is much more consistent. I use a very light oil for heat treating, however the hardness is usually no more than HRC 50-51. Railroad spikes are unique and usually rare to see around. Most of our customers come back a few weeks later to buy more for their friends and family! There is one drawback to railroad spike knives. Because even the high-carbon spikes only contain .35% carbon, they don't stay sharp for long under heavy use. If you need a hard working knife that will hold a keen edge for a long period of time, a railroad spike may not be for you. Otherwise, if you do not mind sharpening frequently or won't be using it heavily then they will work fine.

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